Stefano Cilloni

Software Engineer, Passionate Programmer
Rock Climber, and Street and Enduro Biker

My name is Stefano Cilloni and I'm a passionate software developer interested in distributed software architectures, cloud platforms, DevOps, CI/CD toolchains.

I am fond of Python programming language and continuosly learning other elegant, clean and efficient languages to value human-time over machine-time. I like to find simple yet scalable solutions to the problems I solve. Functional languages pique my curiosity too.

During my teen age I got interested in programming and how computers work, the "magic" behind them fascinates me. Just after, I was charmed by the power of the web and, before as an hobby for friends, then as work for clients, it's been since 2014 that I develop full-stack web applications and websites. Peek at my projects for more information.