Here is a list of projects I developed and some of which I have contributed to. Some of them are those I have built for my clients. Others are university projects, hobby ones and also Open Source contributions.

  • Website development - Arianet Dec 2020

    WordPress multilingual website. Customization of the template based on client requests.

    Wordrpess, PHP, MySQL

  • Towards a Unifying Modeling Framework for Data-Intensive Tools - Master Thesis Feb - Dec 2019

    Analysis and comparison of data-processing and data-storage platforms. The study goal was to outline a set of models to capture, describe and highlight platforms differences and similarities. The ways platforms work and how do they solve analogous problems, combined with some strong similarities suggested a possible future convergence of the systems.
    Thesis file: PDF [En]
    Presentation: Thesis presentation slides [En]

    Apache Flink©, Apache Spark©, Apache Kafka©, VoltDB©

  • BWTzip OpenMP Mar 2019

    Extension of bwtzip lossless data compression library by means of OpenMP APIs to make it run on multiple cores. The project's goal was to explore parallelization configurations and perform a speed-up analysis to evaluate the performances increase.
    University project developed for the course of Advanced Algorithms and Parallel Programming.
    Project repository:
    Presentation: Project presentation slides

    C++, OpenMP, CMake

  • Website design and development - Hotel La Viasa Oct 2018

    Design from scratch of a custom template based on client requests. Custom integrated rooms-booking management with emails sending for book requests and confirmations. Full multilanguage management by site administrators. Backend based on GAE Atuin CMS.

    Pyhton, Flask, Jinja, Google App Engine, Datastore, Docker, GAE Atuin CMS, Boostrap, jQuery

  • Docker image development - IBM PISA Oct 2018

    Dockerization of the analysis framework IBM PISA with the possibility to customize the container behavior after image building. University project developed for the course of Advanced Computer Architectures.
    Project repository:
    Presentation: Project presentation slides


  • Website design and development - G.M. Tinteggi Nov 2017

    Design from scratch of a custom template based on client requests. Full development of template using Bootstrap and jQuery. Backend based on GAE Atuin CMS.

    Pyhton, Flask, Jinja, Google App Engine, Datastore, Docker, GAE Atuin CMS, Boostrap, jQuery

  • GAE Atuin CMS Aug 2017

    Development from scratch of an open source CMS based on Google App Engine and Datastore. Pages, media, menus and language translations management though the CMS admin interface.

    Pyhton, Flask, Jinja, Google App Engine, Datastore, Docker

  • Contributions to the Atuinframework project Mar 2017 - Nov 2018

    Porting of the Atuin framework to Google App Engine. Atuin is a batteries-included skeleton to develop Flask-based websites.

    atuin-tools docker image. This Atuin components is used to perform automated tasks that handle SCSS compilation, JS concatenation, minification and optimization, image compression and translations management tools.

    Pyhton, Flask, Jinja, Google App Engine, Datastore, Docker

  • Website design and development - Granfondo cooperatori Apr 2017

    Development of a static website for a cycling marathon event. Design from scratch of custom template based on client requests.

    Updates to the website for next-year event: Feb 2018.

    Python, Goole App Engine, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • Warehouse management system - ADCI Hub Feb 2017

    Simple multi-user web application to organize equipments and consumables of electronic hardware modules in a warehouse. Login into the app is done via Google OAuth 2.0 APIs.
    Project developed for some friends to help them organize their hobby electronic laboratory.

    PHP, PHP Atuin, MySql, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • Software-architecture concept design and formal validation - Tesla car sharing service Nov 2016

    University project carried out for the Software Engineering 2 course.
    Design of the software architecture of a hypothetical system following Software Engineering best practices.
    The project goal was to learn software engineering practices rather than developing the actual system.
    With a university colleague we studied and wrote the:

    • Requirements Analysis and Specification Document - RASD
    • Design Document - DD
    • Integration Test Plan Document - ITPD
    • Project Plan Document - PPD
    • Code Inspection Document - CID
    to model the supposed software.
    Moreover, by means of Alloy language we formalized and validated the description of the world of the project to validate our model.
    Project repository:


  • Formtools.js Jun 2016

    Development of lightweight, powerful jQuery plugin to validate, reset, and fill HTML forms. Designed with extensibility and customizability in mind the library exploit HTML "data-" attributes in the forms code to validate them via JavaScript with just one line of code!
    Project repository:


  • Java Network Graph Editor - JNGE May 2016

    Graph editor to visually build and edit graphs. The graphical interface allow the user to create vertices of different shapes, connect them as a graph and open/save files in GML format. It also supports Undo/Redo feature by keeping track of user-changes history.
    University project developed for the course of Software Engineering 1.


  • Website design and development - Termoidraulcia Due Bi Mar 2016

    Simple, static website with a nice template for a local business.

    Python, GAE Atuin, Boostrap, jQuery

  • lyBOT - Contact manager Feb 2016

    Web-based client management system with client-status history tracking.

    PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • Web document index Oct 2015

    Multilingual document index that navigates local directories tree to let visitors download PDF files.

    PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • HTTP requests tester Jul 2015

    Simple testing tool to hand-craft HTTP requests and debug web servers responses.
    University project for the course of internet protocols and telematics.

    Python, GAE Atuin, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • Referres Manager Mar 2015

    Management system to coordinate referees assignment to soccer matches in amateur tournaments. The application suggests to the tournament administrator referees to assign to a soccer match based on a computed score. The ranking algorithm compute referees scores for each match based on:

    • Google Maps APIs-provided distance of referee home's location from the soccer field of the match
    • referee's past behavior (accepting/declining previously assigned matches)
    • referee-teams behavioral compatibility (provided datum)
    • incompatibilities between soccer teams and referees

    PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • Website design and development Aug 2015

    Simple website for a local florist to show hand-crafted bouquets and flowers compositions.

    Python, GAE Atuin, Google App Engine, Bootstrap, jQuery

  • Web filemanager app - WebFinder Feb 2014

    Web file manager with the capability of upload, download, delete files and create, delete directories on a local file system. Very lightweight single-file PHP application great to quickly deploy on a hosting for easy file management.


  • High School diploma project - Digital imprints May 2013

    Joomla website developed as high school graduation project. It contained all the diploma text and for each school subject had a dedicated page. The project explored the links between computer science and school subjects. From this derived its name "Digital Imprints" meaning the imprints that computer science have in the studied topics.

    Joomla, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Warehouse management system for inventory Nov 2011

    VBA application fully integrated within Microsoft Access©.
    The project was developed to do the semi-annual inventory of goods in a pantry of a restaurant.
    The application leveraged the VBA APIs integrated in Microsoft Access© to completely redesign, customize and make user-friendly the original Microsoft Access© graphical interface.
    The system generated barcodes for each product in the database. These barcodes could be printed via a dedicated view and then attached to pantry shelves. This speeded up products searches during the inventory by easy scanning barcodes via a barcodes scanner gun attached to the laptop.
    Reports of goods in inventory were also automatically generated as PDFs for easy printing.

    VBA, SQL, Microsoft Access©